Should I move on or?

My ex boyfriend and i broke up , about 2 months ago, we knew each other for a while but only started dating after a year but before that we were"loyal" to each other, we dated for about 4 months but those months were not easy , I never really opened up to him about my feelings to him, which caused a lot of issues and I didn't do it because I didn't want to but because I was scared that he would judge me, I was going through a tough time as well... After the 3rd month it was VERY rocky and around the 4th month he decided to break up with me, he said I was too hard to handle and it was really hard to accept the whole break up but we decided that we both still had feelings for each other and that we were going to work on fixing us, and we still spoke every night, the difference was that the status was gone and we never called each other babe or baby. It got to a stage where he said he doesn't want to loose me but he doesn't think we will get back together and that was very hard for me. When I asked if I should move on and he said he doesn't want me to because he still has feelings and he gets jealous when I speak to other guys and I also get jealous when he speaks to other girls, we now decided to take a break from each other because Inbetween there were many fights and during this break he still tries to speak to me asking how I am and when I reply saying that I'm good , then he continues with the conversation... It's hard for both of us not to speak to each other and I really do love him a lot but what should I do?
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We went out and he said that we going out as just friends, so I think I should just move on...
Should I move on or?
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