Why does he treat me so different? In good ways and bad?

other girls:
-they can hug him, touch him platonically (high five, tap on the shoulder etc)
-face to face conversations, he gives them his undivided attention.
-Absolutely no problem sitting next to them
-They whine to him about petty drama (some girl looked at her weird etc) he'll listen to them and input a bunch of "i'm so sorry" or encourage that they continue to talk
-Can only tap/punch his shoulder when he is teasing me. If someone suggests he hug me, he goes silent &completely freezes.
- Can't look me in the eye. I will have hours of fun conversation w him & all with the side of his face. he'll glance occasionally but he won't hold my glance for more than 2 seconds. He can be having the most amazing face to face convo with someone and then I show up and it all just stops.
-When I approach, he'll look me up and down but not say a word. He's not annoyed of my presence just gets super quiet and still. After a minute of awkward silence, he starts tapping his fingers or knee (or both) rapidly. After a few more minutes, he finally speaks as if he was holding his breath!
-Doesn't want to hear my problems. Unlike the other girls, I have a very successful job in a corp office. My issues are trivial, complicated. He will tell me he wasn't paying attention. He'll laugh, a bit embarassed, tell me that he just wants to chill out & not have to worry about such complicated things. I've tried talking about similar lame crap the other girls do to see if there is a difference. What does he do? Reprimands me, tells me I'm better than that kind of drama.
-He'll make anything i say sexual. I'll even joke back & he blushes and laughs and covers his face.
-can not say goodnight to me. He'll hug the entire room and look at everyone and high five and then when he "faces" me, he's suddenly awkward, looking straight down to the floor, POINTS at me and says "yea... i gotta go. have a good night." and before I can say anything, he bolts to the door.

+1 y
Sometimes I feel like I repulse him... others, that I might actually like me. I do feel pretty rejected that he is so careful not to touch me. It hurts that some girl goes and runs up to him, he turns and just gives her a huge hug. They'll have a quick convo face to face and full undivided attention. They're only friends (I know for a fact) so I just don't get it. Then, he'll turn back and I'm stuck talking to the side of his face again.
Why does he treat me so different? In good ways and bad?
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