Whats wrong with him?

A new guy came to our school from egypt and i found him cute instantly and then i'm friends with the people he hangs around with which was sweet i guess.
i ended up talking to him and he offered me sweets and i jokingly said nah and i think he took offense but shook it off.
the next day i brought some sweets in and i offered him some and he grabbed a bunch and started going on about 'stealing' them, i was annoyed.
the next day he offered me more sweets and i declined again and then at lunch i tried to sit next to him as he was doing homework and he started complaining as his bag was on the chair but i sat down and he was still being grumpy so i asked what was up and he replied with hostility but i kinda just sat next to him.
don't know what happened next but he ended up saying 'i'll prod you with something' meaning to annoy me and i looked him in he eye and said 'go on then' (joke... X. x) and he laughed but then went back to being moody and swearing at me
i don't know what to do about it
Whats wrong with him?
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