Why does he never text anymore (long)?

we used to talk all the time non stop, but then that came to a stop and now we barely text, and we don't usually talk unless i text him first. (maybe 1-2 times a week)
a few weeks ago i texted him and was like "hey i feel like we don't talk much anymore" and he said "well that's not my fault" (that night we texted a lot for hours following into the next day but then that stopped)
but how is it not his fault when he is the one who never texts me first? i should have said that initially but i didn't and I don't know how to bring it up again so that i can point that out. but it makes no sense to me. im not asking him to text me first everytime, but when it's always me initiating the convo it's awkward and i feel annoying.
He says he still likes me and stuff but then our convos aren't that great anymore, theyre short and not very interesting, and sometimes he reads the message and stops replying.
i would think by doing this it would mean he lost interest but he says otherwise, so im just really confused?
Why does he never text anymore (long)?
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