What does this mean, Two men in one night?

I went to an Event as a Volenteer photographer and one of the Other girl's date was looking at me as i was talking to a friend of mine, when i looked at him he greeted in a smooth voice and asked me how was i doing, so i replied by i'm well thanks and you? then he smiled at me in such a way to say i fancy you and then he looked away and then got up and left

Then later that very same night the one employee of the hotel was driving me to my car in a golf cart and out of the blue he's like hey, how are you and i said i'm fine and you? He smiled and me and said i'm good and you, then a bit of silence went on and he asked me if i enjoyed the night and i said yes and he replied i'm glad you did and couldn't stop looking at me

Does this mean that they were flirting with me?
What does this mean, Two men in one night?
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