Is it a fam thing? Or something more?

There's this guy I met a few months ago. The first time we met, we were in a big group and everyone introduced themselves. By the end of the activity, he was next to me and side-hugged me. I thought "Woah this guy is super friendly" because we had just met. He said that he forgot my name and asked me what it was. I smiled and told him. Then it was the next activity.

A few days later, school started and we found out we had classes together. I said hi to him, but we didn't have seats next to each other. A couple of weeks passed, I was talking to this other guy (seating buddy) about school and recent movies. I was sitting in my chair, which was a stool type of chair. He came up behind me and touched both sides of my waist. May have been going in for a hug. I looked from right to left because I didn't know who it was and that normally never happens to me. Once I figured out it was him, I said hi to him. Then the bell rang.

A few weeks later, I was hanging up posters for a school event during break. Before the bell was about to ring, I started heading back. I was about 10 feet from the door when he was at the door. When he noticed me, he opened the door and waited. But when I was about 5 feet from the door, he pretended to go in and then came back out. He laughed. I smiled and thanked him.

Another time, I was cleaning up a class activity and he was there. I started talking to him and we both cleaned our materials. He finished early and stayed talking to me. He continued to look busy. We got on the topic of the next dance. I asked if he was excited and he said that he wasn't going. Then asked me if I was going with anyone. I said just friends. Then the bell rang.

Recently, when I was paired up with another girl, he said fam. I don't really know him too well and wouldn't consider him a close friend. He seems really nice and someone I would want to get to know though.

What is he thinking?
He likes me!
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Just being friendly!
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He wants to be close friends with me!
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Is it a fam thing? Or something more?
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