What's going through his head?

I'll try to make this short😊
We started talking. He said he didn't want a long distance relationship. We stopped talking for a bit. We started again but he said he's not looking for a relationship. We hung out Sunday. He and I made out and just hung out for a few hours. While doing so, he said he wished I lived closer and that he still kind of liked me. While driving home he texted to make sure I got home safe. I tried texting him once and I snap chatted him once; and he never responded. He's in college so Ik he's busy, but if he really liked me, wouldn't he make time?

Whats going on? Does he like me? If so in what ways? Or is he just using me for my looks (he's not looking for sex though? He's waiting till marriage)

any by advice or opinions is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your input!
What's going through his head?
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