Ex kissed me, slept over and now I don't know what's going on?

Long story short, ex and I were seeing each other for almost a year. Broke up, didn't talk to each other for 4 months... then we both saw each other once a week due to an intramural committment. Couple weeks ago he started to act really comfortable and friendly around me again, and it confused me as I couldnt tell what his intentions were. Then one night, I ask him to talk and he ends up coming over and confesses that he has been wanting to hang out with me for a while as he misses the company and talking etc. He admits that he wants to kiss me, and then he ends up sleeping over. When we we're kissing, he kept saying how he was so happy and kept smiling and stopping. It was quite contradicting. He sent me a text after he left my house and the convo has been dragging on. He's a terrible texter, so generally it takes a day or so to get a reply. Obvs i am still attracted to him to have him come and sleep over.. but i think i'm more or less lusting after him than anything.

But we both said we don't want to date each other, and we're on the same page with hanging out but even after that night... things weren't really cleared up. Should I just leave it or should i bring it up and ask about what happened that night? We're both each other's first relationships and are pretty shy/awkward about things... and it took some prying out of him to admit all of what he said.
Ex kissed me, slept over and now I don't know what's going on?
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