Are these signs of interest?

Does this mean that he's intetrested in me?
-He was checking me out when I was stretching
-There's been awkward sexual tension
-Has looked at me a lot from far away
-I walked by him and he was staring for a long time
-His friends saying "he acts in love with her" and then waved towards me
-Messes around with me sometimes (was trying to walk around him but he kept stepping in front of me, trying to talk to someone but he kept moving his head in the way)
-When he's staring he smiles and his friends look at me a lot
-Im a friend of one of his friends
-My friend noticed him staring at me and made a face like why are you staring and he got nervous
-Made eye contact at the same time and he started mimicking me
He likes you for sure
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What can I do to move forward?
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Like how could I approach him?
Are these signs of interest?
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