What should I do?

The last 2 years after a girl , i just stop caing about stuff
I dont care about family i dont care about money i dont care about people dying its like everything about me died. I dont care i dont have friends anymore besides one. A girl rejects me i just go on with my life like nothing happen.
The last thing i have is my dream and which is becomming a engneer but if i achive that then what will i have?
Its like im happy but at the same time , life feels meaning less. Its like that girl was the last of my heart went with her and ever girl after just it nailing the coffin shut more.
there's really no point in asking this , but what happened why im i like this i dont even care about how 2 fix it.
No amount of working out , sex, studying getting good grades fixs it. No amount of time is fixing it.
Like what happens really when i becomme an engneer then i won't have a dream anymore?
What should I do?
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