Is He Going to Propose?

So, my partner & I have been together for almost two years. We don't live together yet, because I didn't want to rush that, but are planning to take that step when my lease is up next summer. The relationship is very positive, we each have kids from a previous relationship & everyone interacts well. Lately, he's been talking marriage, like where we'd honeymoon, who we should invite, where we'd get married, etc. He's talked about us expanding our family. All long term things. He even told me that his young daughter thinks we should get married, which I knew because she told me first.

His car got broken into last week, but fortunately nothing of value was taken. He mentioned how upset he was because my Christmas gift had been in the car & he couldn't just get a new one. This comment & his constant wedding talk has my best friend saying she thinks he's going to propose over a the holiday. I just can't see it, because a guy I dated talked like this once & hit the panic button & left. I assume guys just talk like this. Also, I don't want to get my hopes up & be disappointed. But is this what men do when they're about to ask someone to marry them? My first marriage was decided because I was pregnant, so I have no idea how deciding this step by choice works.
Is He Going to Propose?
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