What should I do?

Ok so back when I was in 10th grade me and this guy hit off. We were really good friends and flirted a ton. We talked for an entire year sometimes went months talking to each other day in and day out and without even kissing each other. It was based on conversation. We ended up not talking after I went homeschooled and I was mad at him. He got a girlfriend during his junior year. So yesterday I saw him at a fast food place when I was hanging with some of my guy friends. He asked me if he could talk to me outside and we made out. Then in the morning he asked if I coupd come over and we made out again. There is so much history with us but he has a girlfriend. He says he wants it to be over and it is over but I know if I believe him. I haveno proof and can't realy ask anybody at the school. Should I continue to talk to him but I dont want to be cheating cause I know how that hurts a girl. We have such strong feelings for each other it is just so frustrating. P. S thanks if you read this all.
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Also the reason Im not sure if I believe him is because he is the popular jock type. Sometimes he carries that stereotypical attitude but I know the real him.
What should I do?
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