Why do my guy friends like me so dang much?

I hang out with lots of guys, and girls. If my guy friends tease me, I punch them or tell them to shut the hell up. They call me cute and stuff, but they get on my nerves. They all know when to stop, but they still call me cute. One of them have said that they love me, and that they wanna be with me for reals but my female friend likes them, and I feel like I'm betraying her. He is cute, and funny, and sweet, but she likes him and he thinks she is creepy. Then all of the sudden, these other guys all start confessing how much they like me, and I'm like thinking that I'm not special and there is more prettier girls than me. I'm not fat, but I'm not super thin either. I'm thick, and I have hips and stuff but there are lots of girls out there prettier than me. I have brown hair that I always style in some way, and I only wear eyeliner some times. But that's it. I wear basic comfortable clothes with a low cut t-shirt. And thats it. I'm not special, so why do guys like me so much? And like, to mess around my friends throw me on their backs, or over their shoulders but they always hug me and stuff so I'm confused? Then other Times, they protect me like family so wtf? Am I like a sister, or do they like me?
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please please give me ur opinion, I really need advice!! 😭😭👊🙈
Why do my guy friends like me so dang much?
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