My best guy friend does not talk to me anymore why?

Since the beginning of first year during my first relationship I was bestfriends with a guy named "K" and my ex bf's cousin " M". I was in a very messy and emotionally abusive relationship at the time and K and M did everything they possibly could for me to help me through those long nights of crying, my stressful times, a pregnancy scare and even helped me finally let go of the most toxic relationship ever; esentially they were my best friends and what I considered to be family

Shortly after the fall out of my relationship I met my current boyfriend "S". The sweetest and most kindest guy I have ever met in my life.. I started to date him and both K and M no longer kept in touch. Slowly they stopped contacting me and I figured M probably was not able to be my friend because he was cousins with my Ex and perhaps it was just better that way. K on the other hand stopped talking to me or wanting to meet up and I became really sad about it. we message once in a while and thats about it. Has been really bothering me even after a year of the fall out. My girl bestfriend "V" ran into him and told me the first thing he said was to ask her how I was doing. It just upsets me that he can't ask myself how im doing. My friend "V" thinks that he had prior feelings for me and decided to let our friendship go once I started dating my current.

I just feel a little sad that I lost two very important close friends in my life. Do I just stop thinking about it or do I try to reach out again? What do you think is the reason of the fallout?
My best guy friend does not talk to me anymore why?
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