What does this guy think of me?

So I work at Starbucks and since I started there's always been that one male customer that comes in who's been really nice.

im a very talkative person and friendly, I talk to everyone. I ask him how his day is going etc. I asked him what he did for work.. And so on. It was nothing out of line to make it seem like I was interested.

Whenever he came in he would always look at me kind of gushy and would always smile. He told my boss to promote me at one point.

So the other day, I was just getting off my shift and I went outside and was walking to the bus stop. He was running after me in black, I guess to blend in the dark. He said "I was wondering if you wanted to give me your number?" And laughed awkwardly.. I said paused for a second and then said "sorry I don't give my number out" and said see ya! As I was walking across the street.. He said "see ya hun!"

This guy must be 40 or late 30s the youngest. He knows I'm very young but not my exact age (I'm 18).

What was he thinking? I was just being friendly, I do like him but not in that way!
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He kind of seems lonely. He always comes in and in sweats and a tshirt and just looks down till he sees me and his face changes..
What does this guy think of me?
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