Guys, why does he care what I wear?

He's not my boyfriend. We're friends and at one point we both had feelings for each other but long story short we don't really feel the same anymore...

But we are still friends and yeah we kiss and cuddle sometimes and he really really wants to have sex with me but I'm not giving it up. Yes I have a nice ass/legs and he is always telling me so. I dress like other girls my age- nothing very revealing- and he seems to always have something to say about it. Like if he deems my pajama shorts too short/small (mind you its just a few of us lounging around) he makes a comment about how they're too small in a very annoyed voice. And this happens a lot.

I'm starting to suspect he's getting pissy bc it makes him want me but I won't give it up. Am I wrong
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Anyone else?
Guys, why does he care what I wear?
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