Why guys are doing this?

before my ex do the break up

my ex were having lunch..
there were times he was staring at my face, i asked him why, he even joked he would do just stare in my glass..

fast forward, minutes later, went to a boba place.. and he broke up with me..
at first i walked out, I don't know what to do, he followed me in the parking lot.

we talked..

and then i had to pee lol.. left then came back again..

and when its time form to leave, i told him im gonna go now.

i didn't know he followed me in my car again. i saw him infront of my car, i asked him what he was doing there, i didn't bother to listen to what he's saying, i just left.

that night, i came back to return the things he gave me. again he just stands near my car for few seconds, i didn't ask him this time. i drove away.
Why guys are doing this?
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