When Guys Say "I Hate You" Playfully?

So I was talking to my guy friend today during lunch today and we were getting along fine and were joking around and I was looking at his biology notes because I was interested in what he's learning Biology and I'm learning Chemistry (a supposedly higher level- which I hate) and he was just like why is everyone I know smarter than me? So I replied that I wasn't smarter than him, I just get science better just like you get basketball better (since he's on the team). A while later he was looking at me and smiling and I felt it so I looked up again and he said "I hate you so much" while smiling (really attractively might I just add). And I just looked and him and raised my eyebrows and I said "Well should I leave? I'm just keeping you company..." and he laughed and shook his head.
Usually this guy speaks his mind so I don't think he actually hates me. If he did, he would talk to me seriously and tell me and give me reasons so any thoughts?
And also, usually I don't talk to him except for every morning and sometimes through messaging. I say hi in the hallways but usually I don't talk to him when he's with his friends because I feel like it's awkward since he's practically a different person around them. So today he was sitting alone so I sat with him and he asked me why I was and that usually I don't talk to him this much and I was surprised and I told him I talk to him whenever I see him except during lunch and explained to him about his friends but he still seemed doubtful and was acting weird. I don't know thoughts guys?
When Guys Say "I Hate You" Playfully?
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