Would any of you stay with a girl like this?

Guys, (and girls too) would you stay with your girlfriend if she was like this:

-Cries when you leave her to go home
-Carries a lot of emotional baggage
-Eats her feelings
-Is overweight
-Failing classes
-Can't give you an orgasm
-Can't get an orgasm from you
-Lives 15 minutes away while at college but 6 hours during break
-Bad driver
-High maintenance

Provided that you love her very much, could you stay with her forever?
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(By the way, G@G wouldn't let me put this is the "Guy's Behavior" category)
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Some good qualities would be that she's funny and has the sweetest laugh ever. She may be overweight but she is very pretty and sexy anyways. She does research in order to give you the best oral she can. She cares deeply for you. With the emotional-ness (lol, couldn't think of the right word) comes a very deep caring and kind person. She suffered a lot in her life but she's working on it in therapy and trying to be the best girl she can for you.
Would any of you stay with a girl like this?
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