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So there's this guy... and I REALLY like him. My friends annoyed him cause they teased me heaps around him for liking him and so he messaged me and told me that nothing's ever gonna happen between us and stuff and then 2 days after I messaged him again and asked him why he was talking to me and stuff (cause he spoke to me like he wasn't mad 2 days after sending that message) and he said he wants to be friends, he wants all the drama to stop and that he doesn't hate me. The day after he sent that, I walked into the room he was in and there were heaps of people but he was just staring at me for what seemed like a while? Today, I was walking down a ramp and he could see over and he was with his class and his brother was standing next to him and I saw his brother look at me, say something to him and then he looked at me as well and he said hi to me. His brother also stares at me a lot too but so does he. Could he like me? I wanna message him and tell him that I'm gonna miss him and thank him for being so nice to me but I don't know if I should. Could he just be hiding the fact that he likes me? I feel like he just said nothing would happen between us out of anger?
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