Guys, Are you a good man?

1. You don't lie to look good

2 You don't use girls (who aren't willing to be used) for sex.

3 You respect different ideas.

4 You don't cheat

5 You don't say or do anything that hurts someone on purpose

6 You are patient

7 You are kind to everyone (aren't rude to ugly chicks lol)

8 You are hard worker (at least aren't too lazy)

9 You think of others

These are the qualities of a good man in my opinion.

Do all those qualities above apply to you?
Yes! I'm a good man ;)
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Some of them.
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No. I'm not a good man :(
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I'm a girl
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+1 y
Be true to yourself guys lol Do you really have those qualities? Well most people don't!
Guys, Are you a good man?
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