If this guy slow danced with me, does he like me?

So this is kinda funny actually, because the guy that I danced with, used to be my best friend's crush so I thought she was gonna kill me. She was out of the room, and when I told her, she didn't really care. I saw him search the room for someone to dance with, and when he saw me, he walked straight over and asked me to dance. Even though it was my first slow dance (i'm 15, pathetic right?), I could tell that we were closer than most people are when they dance. We talked while we were dancing, he was looking me straight in the eyes and it was really cute because he's 6'3 and i'm 5'4. Before the dance, I really wanted this other guy to ask me to dance, but he left or something at the beginning of it. Now i'm starting to think I like this guy, so what do you think?
He likes you!
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He may like you, you need to talk/hang out more though.
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He's just being friendly.
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He saw you and just wanted someone to dance with and doesn't like you at all.
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If this guy slow danced with me, does he like me?
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