Why would he ask me this?

Why would he ask me this?

So I met a guy online about 7 weeks ago we have been dating and seeing each other 1-2 times a week (live 2 hours apart)

We aren't boyfriend & girlfriend - but I guess we are seeing where things are heading!

I do like him, he always calls or asks to talk, texts, comes up with dates.

The other night he was like - do you go on "that" website much, when's the last time you were on? (Said in a casual way) I said, I go on a couple minutes a couple times a week, out of boredom etc to read messages but not exactly searching.. Wink wink.

Then I casually ask - do you? He's like, I don't get many messages on there really, but I still go on I guess.

I know, I know, I had just said I went on casually still, but my heart did sink a bit when he said that :( as I genuinely probably go on less than I even stated.

So.. Why did he ask me? Did he not think I was gonna ask back?

I kinda wanted him to say, he has little or no interest in going on etc but glad he didn't lie, I didn't question anymore but wanted to say - what are u looking for to actively search? / meet? / check messages? And yeah i know we aren't in a "relationship" but can't help but think how easier things are when that label is out there, not saying I want to rush anything..) so I was just like, cool... Changed conversation.

I know we don't have "the label" but I'd happily not go on at all. Don't even think it's an issue for me.

Ultimate question - why did he ask that? What was he wanting me to say? Is he wanting me validate his response or, tell him other wise?

Not too sure! Meeting him Tuesday think It may be time to ask where things are at.

Advice? X
Why would he ask me this?
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