Why can't I get over him?

I found that its easy for me to get attached but hard to move on especially from someone who did me wrong. I remember talking to him all day and night on face time and it would be jokes after jokes. He would visit me in school and it was an everyday routine. 6:00 a. m-11:00p. m
would be our conversations about life.

There was so much.
But the good times froze.
I heard words going around at school that he was sleeping around with some girl. The next day he came to see me i asked him about it and he told me no.

he ended up going on social media saying he hate how people lie on his name. He continuously messaged me asking "can we start over" . I told him if he cared he wouldn't have lied.

My friend was involved to witness and i told her to message him and he told her the complete truth. I told her to add me into the group chat and let me ask him. Thats when he finally confessed but before he continuously lied over and over.

He claimed it was "2 weeks" before he spoke to me that he had sex with a girl but i didn't believe it. So i told him i didn't want anything to with him and he told me that he will not stop till i block him from every social media.

Everytime he would message me i turned him down. All of a sudden one day he liked on of my pictures on instagram.. The next day i posted a picture and in the afternoon he blocked me and unfollowed me. 👀

Next day he watched all of my videos on snapchat and a picture i posted on another app we added each other from.

Only thing i was expecting was honesty.. "Yes or no" but he looked me on my two eyes and still told me no. He would constantly act paranoid whenever i would jokingly get mad about something.

Now i seen why he acted the way he did because he was too busy trying to not slip and mess up he actually ruined everything by lying when i already knew the truth. You may ask: "why would i want to know from him if i already knew."

Because i wasn't sure if it was a rumor or not.

Now i have feelings for someone who did me wrong and lied to my face and had no remorse. I just don't understand why i can't get over him?
Why can't I get over him?
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