How do guys feel about girls initiating conversation and texts?

There's a guy I like and I started talking to him in class because for some reason my body was yelling at me to say something. We ended up having some stuff in common and we were going to be switching groups so I texted him if he ever wanted to hang out to text me. I wanted to say it in person, but I didn't get the chance.

We didn't end up switching groups so we were able to continue talking. He'd always face me, wait to walk with me after class and did even to the last day of class. He's gotten in my personal space. But I felt line he was holding back. I ended up baking cookies and made a tin for him and left him a note saying once again how I think he's cool and we should do something during winter break and that I'm easy going and I don't bite. That's the general idea of it. We were able to pick our second group and he stayed with us even though he has friends in the class. He looked at me and said we make a good team. Which, we all did make a great group.

After that he opened up a lot and started initiating in class and has told me all kinds of stuff. He showed me this video he started and then took it away and said I can't see the rest until he's finished. He mentioned doing something New Year's I believe, because he wants to get video of people counting down and editing it to the video and that he might make it two years instead of one.

So I've texted him from time to time. He always responds and responds really quickly. Last night I mentioned in a text I will let him go or stop bothering him, but he laughed and said it's no problem. So we continued texting. I only text every couple of days or not for a week. But I don't know if guys mind that. It doesn't seem to bother him, but I'm not used to always initiating. He's texted my name a few times and I love that he does that. Like last night night I said bye and to enjoy his trip and he said "thanks (name)!"
How do guys feel about girls initiating conversation and texts?
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