Shall I text him Happy birthday?

Hello everyone,
i need girls and guys opinion
few months ago i met a guy, we talked n liked each other very much then we stopped talking for a reason but we didn't break up, a month later an occasion happend so he just send me an image n i replied by image as well, another month happend another occassion i send him image so he replied by image as well, then i talked to him the same day to know whats going on with him but i felt that he is careless (although im sure he still care from inside) we had an argument n we stopped talking. The day after he sent me love song but i didn't reply because i was so sad frim his behaviour. That was 2 months ago.

his birthday is in few days and im confused shall i wish him happy birthday or not?
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Hellllp please
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Y no help
Shall I text him Happy birthday?
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