Im a new student at a new school and I cannot fit in. worst of all, I like this guy. haaalllppp asap!!! thanks:)?

Okay, here goes nothing. I moved to another country so I am a new student at this international school. People are friendly. They say hi and ask me how I am adjusting. But I feel like I am unable to make any real friends with anyone at the school. Since I joined the school in the middle of the school year, everyone has their own group of friends and most times I feel left out. Once, I literally spent the whole of lunch in the toilet. Sobbing. Cliche I know. I just cannot fit in. I am in a tiny tiny class so everyone is really close, so at first I felt as though that they didn't want to accept that I am part of the class. That they were scared that I would ruin everything. But a week later, another new student came, he fit in immediately with the boys and girls. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I just don't know. I feel as though I can't joke around with them a lot or be the loud person I usually am. I just don't know if it is nerves or whatnot. Please help me with this.

As for my second problem... yeah full of problems I get it. *laughing emoji*
There's this guy... We went out together with a group of friends once. He kept offering me chances to take part together in what they were doing. But something came up and I had to leave immediately. But I am new to the country so I had no idea how to go home. I told one of my friends and they told me I should tell him as he is the most familiar with the country I am in. But I did not want to bother anyone. Then he overheard I think and he offered to take me home. I said no I said just tell me the way to the train station and Ill be on my way but he grabbed his coat a second later and told me to just follow him. He brought me to the train station and asked me if I would be okay. He was just so sweet and nice and caring about everything. I think it was then I really fell for him. That really did it for me. Bu
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please, look at the recent ones i posted. i did more than 2000 words and the website deleted them :(
Im a new student at a new school and I cannot fit in. worst of all, I like this guy. haaalllppp asap!!! thanks:)?
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