Is he interested or what?

funny story. Don't judge..

I met this guy on chat roulette a long time ago. I found him to be very attractive, and he was just my type. At the time I was lonely and depressed didn't get out much and just wanted to see/talk to a person at least. We started talking and flirting, and slowly stopped talking to each other (he's in the marines) so I'm guessing he's just busy a lot. Anyway, its a long confusing story. I thought I would never meet this guy so we fooled around and swaped 'nudes' with each other so I guess I shouldn't have done that if I wanted him to see me as a girlfriend (if we ever did meet)... Anyway, he didn't talk to me for weeks and every time I try to talk to him its very short conversations. Every time I send him naughty pictures to grab his attention and see if that's all he really wants he ignores me... Yet on Instagram likes 4 of my photos right after. What the hell? I'm so confused... Why are some men like this?
Is he interested or what?
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