Does he even care about me anymore?

I'm currently in a relationship and things been a little shaky lately. At the beginning things were almost perfect and things couldn't get any better. Me and my boyfriend started talking around November and became official on January. on our 3rd week of knowing each other, my boyfriend (lets call him Greg) invited me over his house. And that was when I lost my virginity to him (yea I know that was too soon) and I didn't regret...Greg made completely happy and was everything a girl wanted in a guy : funny, charming, smart and sweet.No other guy made me feel the way he made me feel. But recently things had changed .

Greg used to constantly text and call me, now he doesn't at all. I am always the one starting the text and it takes him centuries to respond back. And with the calling, I'm also the one who always call HIM...he puts no effort into the relationship.I've even caught him staring at other girls and that kills me.This is making me feel like crap but I become so attached to him and I don't want to lose him.

I feel like he had lost interest in me. I've told Greg how I felt and asked if he had lost interest in me,but he got upset because I keep asking him the same question over and over again ( I just needed to know). He tells me that he's really into me but then says "if you don't want us to talk, then lets not talk"...Right after he said those words I wanted to breakdown and cry... I care for Greg so much, but he's making me feel worthless :'(

What do you think I should do? I'm scared of losing him...does he even care about me anymore?
Does he even care about me anymore?
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