Why does he talk, laugh, and pretend he doesn't care about me when his friends are around?

OK so there is this guy who likes me according to some mutual friends. anyway, every time I'm with him and his best friend and cousin he seems to joke around with them and not pay much attention to me...sometimes he does flirt with me around them but he tries to act all cool and tough. he also tends to laugh and text them a lot even when they are across from each other at a table (they all tend to do that around me). sometimes I ask him questions: eg. what movies do you like and he responds by saying nah man I don't like movies and all...he responds like this when his friends are around but not when he is alone. I don't get why he does this it's SO ANNOYING...i hate it. he also tends to look around the room a lot or straight or at his friends but NEVER at me unless they leave. once they leave everything is good...

-him and I are not dating or anything so it makes no sense for me to talk to him about it but it just bothers me


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  • He's looking for approval. It's no different for girls who act differently around their girlfriends; in reality he might not even notice. Um, because he's acting for their approval and you aren't actually dating he has that right to do so; you can tell him outright it annoys you and you'll lose interest or something, but beyond that he's in the right.


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