He wants to come and visit all of a sudden - what should I do?

Okay. I am fed up now. I have been thinking of this guy for a year, and enough is enough. I want closure now, and I would love you guys' opinion.
I met this guy a year ago, he originally lives in Holland but was in DK (where I live) for 6 months. We met over a concert and we hanging out. He was really kind to me and it seemed like he was really into me. We hooked up a few times, maybe too early, but we just really liked each other. All of a sudden, he became 'distant', didn't contact me, and it slowly faded out. He said that he just didn't look for a relationship, blah blah, and I just figured, that that was it. I just wasn't meant to be with him. So, he went back home to Holland.
Now, since then, I have been in a nightmare. And maybe its me, maybe I like to torture myself and yes, I am a hopeless romantic. But I always move on. The thing that is really bugging me and preventing me from doing so, is: that he texts me constantly. Not every day, but every month. Like: how are you? I miss you. Hope to see you soon. This has gone on and on. I told him, that I didn't want to be in contact with him because I had feelings for him and it just wasn't really going anywhere. But he keeps contacting me. Now, I am living in London. And he wants to come and visit me. I don't know what to do, to yes or no? I am sick of dealing with this. I am glad that he all of a sudden wants to meet up, but WHY all of a sudden? How can I learn from this and what should I do from here? Should I meet up with him or would that just worsen things? Has he changed? Please, help. I just want closure, but I am not sure how I will get this. (I still hope he has changed). Is closure saying yes or saying no, 'cutting' the contact, so he won't pop into my head all time?
Please help. I have had it up to here now.
He wants to come and visit all of a sudden - what should I do?
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