Does she miss me?

Recently my girlfriend has been acting differently. In the past we would kiss each other at least twice a week and hold hands frequently, but now things aren't the same. We both just finished graduating, and the 3 weeks prior to graduation we were both packed with work and were unable to hang out like we used to. Graduation comes around and she begins to act funny, I think its because she's nervous and doesn't want school to end, so I remain patient, even with her general inconsiderations, like not saying goodbye, telling me where she's gonna go, or ending our phone conversations whenever she wanted to, even if I wanted to keep talking. Anyway, its summer for us now, and two days ago I called her twice, and texted her once, she never picked up tat day,the nex day I wait all morning and early after noonor her to call back or sumthing, and she doesnt, so I call her again at like 4pm, nothing, text her at like 10pm, nothing, and she finally calls me at 11pm, I mention the fact that she isn't really picking up her phone and she didn't reply to any of my 3 texts in the past two days and she only justifies her actions, and says that I only called twice... Anyway, its been a very long time since she has ever apologized for anything, I haven't heard the word sorry come out of her mouth since those days that she was acting weird. Another thing, in the past I would throw her kisses over the phone and she would laugh and giggle while saying "stop it". Now when I throw her kisses she gets angry and threatens to hang up the phone if I don't stop. I mention the fact that we haven't kissed in forever or held hands and she doesn't say anything. I feel liker she doesn't care if I feel bad or anything. Now instead of comforting me if I feel that something is wrong she defends her self, says im acting ridiculous, says goodnight, and hangs up the phone, Does she care anymore? Am I doing something wrong? I know I miss her, but does she miss me?
Does she miss me?
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