My crush stopped saying hi and is ignoring me?

Just about two days ago, my crush just stopped noticing me. Almost as if he were ignoring me. Everyday, he'd find me just to say hi and he always tries too hard to make me laugh. He's one of those really friendly guys I'd say. But, since yesterday, he looked at me and I was expecting a "hi" like always but nothing. So I just ignored it. Then classes and passing periods passed and he wouldn't say one word to me or look at me.

I have a best friend and they say hi to my crush 24/7. I'm pretty sure my crush is creeped out and annoyed by my friend.

Why is my crush doing this to me? Is he ignoring me on purpose? I didn't do anything and I don't annoy him all the time like my friend does. When my crush talks or says hi, I always respond. This all started yesterday. Now just suddenly, he looks at me and looks away without a word. What is going on?
My crush stopped saying hi and is ignoring me?
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