Crush in dream-meaning?

(... Are blurry unimportant things) Haven't seen this so called crush for a year. met her at german class 3-4 years OLDER. but I'm a lonely man don't have lot of female friends. so the dream-- I was in closet shop to my home I probably was with someone they left then I was alone in the shop.
Then I turned right and saw two young childhood playmates I ignored and got a lays pack and started eating it.. Then my brothers friend comes talks with me says I have a new secretary for some reason I already knew it was gonna be her so he calls her over I don't know when or how she's supposed to be there in a minute. Then my older brother comes along ( 7 years older) then hi.. hi.. Then secretary drops a paper then comes in , I was looking at her from down angle (in chair) she smiles at my brother and smiles at brother and "boss"
Then notices me between chilling on chair and looks away as she realizes its me her 1 year old classmate. She looked ashamed my brother friend told my brother the connection (he was not supposed to know) then I didn't talk much later it ended sometime after that idr much later

Meaning please _/\_ and grammer checks appreciated
Crush in dream-meaning?
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