Boyfriend called me by his little sister's name?

Hi everyone,

To start off my boyfriend and I are both 18 and have been dating for 9 months. His little sister is 12. I look really young for my age if that has anything to do with it, and I admit that I act childish sometimes.
My boyfriend calls me by his little sister's name on accident; from what I can remember I think it's happened about three times haha... weird
He doesn't do this to anyone else! Also I believe the context last night was just that he wanted to tell me something exciting and shouted "Aman-uh..[my name]!"
What does this mean? Is it a Freudian slip? I have similar attributes to his sister but again, she's 12 and Im 18.
While I'm asking this, I also call my guy friends my boyfriends name sometimes on accident...
Why is this happening?
Thank you!

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Sorry if I come off as overdramatic or making a big deal out of nothing. I'm just genuinely curious why this happens - it's not a make or break scenario! Thanks for the responses!
Boyfriend called me by his little sister's name?
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