Its Done And Over With..Why Do I Miss him?

My ex and I were together on and off for five years. He was my first, my true love, yada yada..

We split in march of this year. I ended it because he lied to me and I got fed up with the broken promises, the lack of time together, things like that.

I ended up leaving him for someone else who I had just recently met who was there as a friend. I didn't cheat on my ex, but I saw potential on something with the new person so I took it.

I have been with my boyfriend for two months and I am happy and things are great, however I miss my ex very much. I still love him and I am sure if he actually wanted to be with me I would go back.

However, he doesn't talk to me. He doesn't call me or anything even though I have some of his stuff.

Why is this? I went out of my way to contact him through calling and email and nothing. It breaks my heart to know he can't even speak to me.

I want advice on what to do and maybe a little light on why he refuses to speak to me.

Please? I am in great need of replies, please let me know.

thank you for your time.
Its Done And Over With..Why Do I Miss him?
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