How do you know if a guy or girl is playing games with you?

How do you know a guy/girl is playing games with you? Any or all circumstances. How do you "win" the game?

Good or bad game playing experiences? (Not of the Snakes and Ladders variety :P )


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  • I used to play a lot of games. I was quite the player; I could juggle men so well I belonged in the circus., haha. After a while, it's a little emptying on the soul and I realize my games were just because I was insecure and had other issues below the surface that made me feel I needed to be so shady. I've learned it's best to not get caught up in that stuff and just be your true self. Games are for children.

  • okay well I've been in a game before .. in games don't show ur feelings ..! once you do tht its over .. b strong the hole wai .. do not give sex.. otherwise the games over agan.. thas the key for the man once he's got tht he dnt need you animre.. you will b unsure wether he likes you or not thts the normall way you noe takes kisses of msg takes ages to text bk a few dais mayb blames everythink on you mkes you feel bad