Why do guys get jealous over celebrities?

I have this problem with a lot of my guy friends, and I don't know who's in the right here. I have a lot of male celebrity crushes, and I'll show them off to my friends. I'm not expexting my guy friends to squeal and go "OMG HE'S SO TOTALLY HOT!" like my gal pals would, but they can get down right hostile. They start saying things that don't even make sense like "Oh, he has a squished up face," and "What the fuck, he's ugly." One of my male celebrity crushes is Asian, and my guy friends frequently bring up the stereotype about how Asians are less-than-endowed. Two of the guy friends who've reacted like this had crushes on me, so I can understand their jealousy at least, but even my guy friends who are happily taken react this way! Is this just normal guy behavior to bash their friend's crushes or am I actually insulting them by even bringing them up? All answers appreciated!
Why do guys get jealous over celebrities?
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