WHY do guys just give up?

There's this guy. He's 18. We both had a really good relationship. We were close like anything. He swore he would never give up on me. But recently he's been acting like such an ass. He makes me cry, he's mean to me, he doesn't text me or call me all day if I don't. I don't know what I did wrong! A little help please :(


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  • There's not nearly enough information to actually figure out the problem here. As such, all of the following are merely possibilities. It's up to you to figure out what the issue is.

    Perhaps he feels smothered by the relationship. He may like you, but he needs his space away from you, too.

    Perhaps he feels like you aren't contributing enough to the relationship. If "he doesn't text me, he doesn't call me", are YOU making any effort to get in touch with him?

    Perhaps he is stressed about something in his life. Before he can be comfortable with you, he has to be comfortable with himself. Chances are, this will go away.

    Perhaps you two don't have enough communication in your relationship. He might feel that you're difficult to work with, and you might feel the same about him. Ask him nicely what the problem is, and don't be accusatory. Be willing to help him. Work at a solution, not on placing blame. If he is unwilling to communicate with you, then it's best for you just to move on.

    • Yes I do text him and call him all the time. I really do make an effort to talk to him.

      But he replies to my texts with one word answers and hardly ever answers his phone. I did ask him politely what the problem was. I told him I would do all it takes, all he has to do is to tell me what he feels is not right. But all he says is "Nothings wrong"

      I understand he needs his space and I do give him his space, but its as if anything I do will never be good enough for him

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  • Well if you did nothing wrong he's just being an ass.

    I'm sure he has a reason for this behavior...but he isn't being upfront with you.

    I'm sorry but he wasn't much of a man anyway...if he made the traumatic personality change.

    I know this hurts...but since he isn't communicating with you there isn't much you can do past this point.

    If you've already tried expressed your feelings about this and he still isn't giving you the time of day...then the big hint is...he isn't worth it.

    Move on with life. It won't be easy but with time you will get over him and find better.

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