Talking about deep stuff = not interested?

Guys, do you typically talk about deep stuff with women you're interested in, or just with women you see as friends?
I read this (long, but very interesting) article, see link below, on how men vs. women novelists portray the ideal romance - short version is that generally men care about an emotional and physical connection and less about intelligent conversation whereas women crave that kind of intellectual connection and feeling understood.
So, based on this and your experience, do you think I should take it as a compliment that guys tend to discuss very high level stuff with me easily? Or do you think that means they don't really see me as potential romantic partner?
For instance - this guy at work is about 21 and seems nervous around me/looks and smiles at me too long when he comes into the office. But when I talk to him to try to see how he might feel (like casual convo), he gets very neutral and we end up discussing things like his philosophy paper's argument (even as his leg is jumping up and down under the desk lol). And then there's this hot/cold guy at work who loves talking about Einstein etc. with me. And the guard who says he's never met a woman who is interested in this stuff. But I'm just being myself.
Here's the article -

Girls I'm interested in your experiences as well!
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I may be making a connection here that doesn't exist, pardon the pun - but I was thinking that they would pursue a flirty rather than intellectual conversation if they were interested. Maybe they're trying to impress me though. I'm clearly not great at this.
Talking about deep stuff = not interested?
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