How do you stop obsessing over a bad seed?

How do you stop obsessing about a guy who is a jerk. No matter how many times he is a jerk, I wind up coming back for more. I find myself fantasizing about him, and hating the fact that I break into a sweat when he is around. I keep telling myself he is a woman hater, a predator but his mere presence makes me forget the facts. OMG help.

i think I'll go for hypnosis!


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  • Stop going places where you're going to see him. Remind yourself of what a jerk he you really want to go through the pain again? Think of all the great guys out there you could be seeing while you're hung up on Mr. Bad Boy Player.

    • Ok- the thing is, I live down the road. I literally pass his house twice a day at least, and see him in town often. However if I'm honest, I can try to avoid the places and stops I know he frequents. Because right now, I still tend to slow down and consider it.

    • Ahh...that is difficult if you live that close to him!! I'm sorry, I know its tough...I've been there. Its hard when you are so crazy attracted to someone like that. I applaud you for being honest with yourself. Take it one day at a time if you have deserve a good man who is not a woman hater and predator.

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  • I understand what you've said, but I've got to tell you are, or at least your actions are exactly why players, or bad boys exist. This guys actions will only continue because you've allowed him to treat you this way. And believe this one day you are going to find out that he's with someone else and he treats them like a queen. Someone else will get the better treatment because that woman will have let him know what she won't put up with. If you get nothing else get this, you and only you have the ability to teach him and anyone else how to treat you. When a guy treats you badly one of the reason's he's done so is because he's been allowed to do so, by women just like you. We like to get away with what you allow us to.

    Your future with him doesn't look good because you know he's bad and you allow him to treat you badly. No guy wants to be with someone who allows them to disrespect or mistrust them. Here's your truth, you need to teach him, tell him, and show him how you want to be treated this is your only hope with him or anyone else. Consider this your Rude Awakening.

    Good Luck!

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    • Ok so your saying he is a dog because I walk him? No, no, he's a dog because other girl's have walked him. This is typical bullsh*t from a guy. It is my fault, it's the girl's fault. A dog is a dog whether he is walked by me, or another girl. Whether he is walked at all, he is still a freakin' dog.

      I don't need a lecture on my future with this man. The point of my question was that I don't want a future. The problem is my drive for the wild, amazing, make me beg for mercy sex, and the challenge

  • Let yourself get hurt by him then remember that feeling for next time.

    • I seem to have a bad memory. Plus there is screwed up part of me that likes the whole humiliation, thing. But I will try to keep replaying the brutal stuff he said to me, and other things.

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