Why do guys lie to girls about having feelings for them ?

Why can't they just say they aren't interested anymore. I was seeing this guys for a couple of months and instead of breaking up with me, he started ignoring me. When I asked him about it he told me his feelings haven't changed and he still liked me. He still continued to ignore me though. I eventually just stopped trying to contact him. Why did he lie ? Is it really that hard for guys to say they're feelings have changed ?

This isn't an update. I just wanted to fix a typing error because its bothering me ha.

their feelings *


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  • I see only four possibilities here why he is not telling you the truth:

    a) He is ignoring you because he found someone else.

    b) He found he doesn't like you.

    c) He is afraid of committing to you.

    d) He is ignoring you and not admitting it now, because he is probably in a new relationship and wants to leave open an option for himself in the future to see you again

    • this is very true .. it happened to me with my ex, and all signs point to your letter d) possibility (in my case) I found out he started a new relationship, while he lied to me saying he really cares a lot about me and what not. Anyways not to long ago after the break up he told me he wanted to remain "friends and stuff down the line" (which definitely points out to wanting something to do with me in the future)

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  • Women tend to get violent when guys break up with them. It is like they can't face the rejection or they fear of being alone. You would think that those two things would make some women compromise more rather than demand that she gets her way. There is only so much a man will take before he gives up.


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  • why do guys lie to their current girl? it's because they're afraid of them...too afraid to break it off so they might cheat on their girl with someone else they're gonna lie to.