Why is it better being single than being in a relationship?

I have no idea why it's better being single. All my friends tell me that being in a relationship is much better than being single. Why is that? I definitely don't want to be alone, and I want to be in a relationship. I hate the notion of loneliness, and it often gets me depressed.


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  • I would argue that it can be good either way. When you are single you have many options available to you to grow and mature on a personal level.

    When you are in a relationship, a caring mature relationship, you have the opportunity to grow as an individual as well as grow as a couple, which can be fantastic. The flip side is that you are now part of a team, what you do, say, and feel has an effect on the other person.

    It's not that one is "better" than the other, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Don't concentrate on being lonely, instead use it as an opportunity to grow as a person.

    • Well said :-)

      think relationships are never going to fill a void, then you would end up dependent... Grow yourself then it will find you. :-)

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  • I guess the pros of being single is that you can: play the field a little bit, no need to worry about gifts on holidays, there's no 'obligation' to anyone, you're generally more free.

    But I don't think being single is 'better'...I think it really depends on the person and whatever makes them happy. Whichever option that is, is the 'better' choice for them.

    • I feel that being single doesn't make me feel happy though.

  • Single =FREEDOM

    Relationship = Stress


    Single= Always with your crew

    Relationship = Always with your bf/gf



  • To young for commitment unless idealy worth it , mingle about :P

    • What you mean by that?

    • I mean like tdn't attach to one individual to you find the right one *

  • i would prefer being single . you have more freedoms and you could do whatever you want, and hang out with whoever. you don't have someone to be worrying about .

    • I just hate being lonely

    • You don't have to be lonely . You could have friends with benifits . (:

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  • If you can't be happy by yourself then you probably won't be happy with someone else. Too many people rely on others for their happiness. Be happy by yourself and you will attract someone then you can be happy together.

    That's the theory anyway. I don't think its better to be in a relationship, at least not for me. I hate the drama and stress. I prefer being single and doing what I want when I want and having no one else to worry about!

  • The people who usually say this are players who don't want to commit. Being single sucks and there is no point to it after about age 30. Honestly if you are single that long something is wrong.