What's up with my ex?

Hey, I'm 23 and my ex is 21. We are students at the same university.

6 weeks ago, my girlfriend broke up with me after a 2-year relationship. We'd increasingly been having arguments and she blamed most of the problems on me. It started as a "break;" she said she wanted to date other guys, but also claimed that she loved me and would come back to me. She changed her mind after a week and broke up with me for good.

Since then, she has changed her mind several times again: she's decided to give me another chance, then backed out, and repeat. There have been times when she's begged me to ask for her back, but when I have done so at a later date she pulls back. We've hooked up twice after the breakup. But currently we have been officially broken up for several weeks, so it seems that the situation is stabilizing.

The day she initiated the breakup, she started seeing another guy, who is the closest thing I have to a "worst enemy." I had let her know that this hurt me deeply and made me feel angry, depressed, and upset. She says that they are "not dating" and said she would "see him less" and stop staying with him. But she refuses to stop seeing him, claiming that she "enjoys his company." According to her, he is very jealous of me.

The real issue is this: Throughout this entire process, my ex-girlfriend has kept calling me, sending me text messages, sending me emails, and asking to do things with me. She asks to take gym and dance classes with me next quarter. She has even gone so far as to ask me to take her on weekend trips in a few months.

I have done most of the things she has wanted to do, like going to movies, baking, getting ice cream, etc. When we are together, it feels like we are still dating. She keeps bringing up good memories from the past. But if I bring up my feelings, the breakup, or her relationship with the other guy, she becomes defensive and callous and launches into justifying her breaking up with me.

Part of me suspects that she thinks she is doing me a favor. She remarks that "it seems like you're doing better" and refers to how her friends who have gone through difficult breakups are "doing great now." She's made vague allusions to us getting back together in the future, but she also says she hangs out with me just to "cheer me up" and says she wants me to be "tough."

I would have loved to go no-contact but it's logistically impossible. We live within a block of each other, have class together twice a week, and have many mutual friends. Later this week, we're going on a two-week class trip where we'll be in close contact almost all the time. I've been responsive to her partly in the interest of keeping our interactions friendly during the trip.

Anyway, my question is this: What's up with my ex? Why does she keep contacting me? What about this other guy? If my goal is to gain some control over the situation, move on, or put myself in a position to date her again, how should I handle this?
What's up with my ex?
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