Why are almost all guys online just screwed up jerks?

I've met lots of guys online- one thing I've learned is most are just so rude disrespectful, pathetic, horrible people. I was just talking to a guy about going to a theme park- his first response after seeing my pic was "well i guess I can outrun you if you try to kill me."! Im a pretty female, skinny, petite not threatening at all. Also who would make a comment like this? I've had other dumb guys make rude comments... i laughed at him and said "yes its usually the women killing guys online."? He said it was a joke and i said it wasn't funny. Then he said he was nervous meeting someone online. I'm a woman, and im not scared to meet a guy or do i make rude comments. Also he kept making other rude comments to act like he was suspicious. I told him bye.

its not just this guy--about 95% of males online are psychopaths, jerks, abusers, users, rude as heck to people or women, or their dates, disrespectful. They all seem to have the same kind of issues personality the way they act. Most are so passive aggressive mean or evil. Many seem to have this hatred and aggression towards women in general, or taking their anger out on them. Many just can't be nice. Some will even do mean things just to be mean or get an ego trip off it. Were these weirdos just raised wrong? why do they all congregate online on craigslist, plenty of fish, and act like such psychopaths? even if they seem nice, they're still crazy or psychopaths or rude. Many complain about how women reject them then they meet nice women who don't and treat them badly. What is wrong with these people.. do they all have mental issues
Why are almost all guys online just screwed up jerks?
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