Do guys treat hot women badly or play games with them b/c they feel weak around them?

I'm a good date- im a beautiful woman, smart, articulate, funny, cool etc. I treat guys with respect and fun to be around. I'd say im a pretty good catch but even just good company. I'm positive and nice. Most people think that I have men hitting on me 24/7 or lots of boyfriends. One guy said "so how many boyfriends have u had- like 100." But the weird thing is, so I go on dates with guys, and many of them are just so rude to me, disrespectful, play lots of games or treat me in some derogatory way. It's confusing. Most guys do this. They get really aggressive or controlling too, angry or act passive-aggressive. I dont know if it's jealousy or insecurity or what is wrong with these people. You think these men would want a 2nd or 3rd date- that they'd try to make you a girlfriend, impress you, or even want you in some form. All I get are the most extreme forms of games, odd treatment, abuse, mistreatment etc. pretty much NO guys try to have a 2nd date with me. The few that do are tryign to play some crazy game and are players, jerks or liars.

Most begin to disrespect me badly on a 1st date, or are just abusive or rude. Most are really turned on by me too as im just overall a hot/sexy woman- even if i dress average I still come off as pretty hot. Most of these men WORSHIP famous hot women- I mean theyre like ogling over celebrities or models- well I look like those hot women or im even hotter- they don't ogle over me- they treat me like dirt. They even displace the sexual feelings they're getting from me onto the waitress or someone else. They try to gawk at women around me just to avoid the sexual feelings they're having towards me. Are these men scared of the sexual power hot women have? that theyre so turned on by these women they dont know how to react- do they feel weak or powerless? Do they need to abuse the women in order to gain some power or control in the situation b/c they feel so weak due to the power the woman has over them?
Do guys treat hot women badly or play games with them b/c they feel weak around them?
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