Pregnant and alone?

This isn't really a question I just really need to vent. I am a little over 7 months pregnant
The father not only left kicked me out and I was lucky to get a place. This was very early in the pregnancy. He considers himself a Christian and tells me he's to busy to go to the docters are anything because he has to go to church. Keep in mind its for the fun stuff at church like bowling and blah blah. I just feel so used for my body, not only used but being pregnant makes it worse. Living with him I noticed a few things he never takes responsibility for anything, I mean anything. His friends come over and complain about dishes. Its atomaticly somebody elses fault, even if it was his dishes. He cried and called me a killer over and over when I said I think it would be better to abort the kid im just not ready. His not even by my side. He does things the church he goes to would say is sinning. Like for instance we went to a strip club and they was talking about it all night. Next day I feel dirty god wouldn't like it it didn't happen. I really dislike this guy has a person.
Pregnant and alone?
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