How should I tell my girlfriend I cheated on her?

I know I should, I don't even know why I am asking this question. Probably waiting on someone to give me an excellent reason not to. I really don't want to hurt her but I would be a hypocrite not telling her. She means the world to me. I don't want to give the alcohol the blame but honestly, had I been sober I wouldn't have...


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  • There's no way around it than to just tell her. You're asking this question because it seems so hard to do, but deep down you know that it's the only way. Part of becoming a man is taking responsibility for all your actions, admitting mistakes, being honest and sincere. It may be one of the hardest things you ever do, and you can't possibly hope to control her reaction, but it simply comes down to telling her the truth. Best of luck.

    • Thanx sonic... still got time to think. I'll keep you guys up to date

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  • If she were ever to find out any other way or from someone or something else - then your relationship would be over. You should tell her if you want to salvage anything.

    Was it full sex or just kissing?

    • Kissing, fondeling, oral sex from her.... uhm. yah. But she prob won't need all the details? Maybe just kissing when I tell her?

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    • Dont blame it on the alcohol - you did this because you wanted to and you let it happen. Even before the kiss there is the time spent flirting with this other person, getting physically close to them etc - this all all involves intentions. So be very honest with yourself here.

    • So true boogaloo... just hard facing the truth. thanks for your input.

  • you should just tell her straight up. if you didn't want to hurt her you wouldn't have done it in the first place. man up and do what you know you should. how would you feel if the tables were turned and your girlfriend did the exact same thing as you? what if she finds out on her own? then you're gonna look even worse because not only did you cheat which is bad enough but you lied and hid it from her

    • When a person is under the influence of alcohol, they sometimes loose their morals... so yah, what you did sometimes only hit you the next morning.

  • not telling her will only make it worse. She will be upset, any girl would. But you have to tell her if you truly care about her. It could come back to bite you if you dont.

    All I can say is, she deserves to know and hopefully she will give you credit for actually telling her. But you have to tell her. Otherwise its not good for either of you.

    • The chanches is little that she could find out but still I know...

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  • I think you shouldnt tell her. Most ladies would prefer you do what ever you like outside without them knowing.

    Com'on man think about it,.. how will you feel if she comes back and tell you that she really did it today with Tony the sexgod.

    Just keep moving and if she means the whole world to you as you claimed hnmmm,.. I see no reason for doing it at all...


    • Lmfao... ya tony. if she did it today with "tony the sexgod", she can stay with him. lmao

      but you got me thinking. thanks

  • She probably wouldn't tell you if she cheated...just saying.

    That being said, it is the RIGHT thing to do. People don't always do the right thing though and sometimes doing the right thing freakin sucks and will leave you with nothing.

    • You know she probably would. hahaha. But then again, I would never imagined cheating on her, so the possibility of her doing the same...