Does he like me? he held my hand.

So The guy who I like, and who everyone thinks likes me back, has like held my hand recently and tickled me a ton. there are some things that he only does with me, and he isn't a player, because he has never had a girlfriend before.

yesterday while we were at the sound booth by ourselves while helping a middle school program thing, he took my hand in his and held it and he laced his fingers in mine and held my hand tight. we held hands a lot for like 45min

he also was playing with my hair and tickling my back while I was standing next to him.

he also gave me a hug when I asked for one and when I poked him in the side he spun me around and started to tickle me and had his arms wrapped around me and our cheeks were touching

and yesterday when we were leaving school I poked him again and he tried to hold my hand again(:

today, when we were hanging out again at school alone he would tickle me and we held hands a little bit, and he made comments about like how much smaller my hands were in comparison to his. He also would let me lean on him, and he tickled my sides lightly while I was standing in front of him. And when he looks at me he smiles and is always making eye contact

so what do you think he's trying to show me? or do you think he likes me? :)


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  • Oh yes, he's practically screaming that he likes you. If he's too nervous to do it, ask him out already =) Best of luck.


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  • Sounds like it to me. I've never held hands for any extended amount of time with a girl I didn't like. The other signs sound promising to me too.


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  • I think he definately likes you :) I agree he's practically screaming that he likes you and the poking and tickling are good signs too... But above all else if he's holding your hand, he definately likes you a lot :)