He found a rebound so quick, does he still love me?

My ex and I were together for 7 years and have a child together, split for 6 months after he cheated and moved out, then I gave him a second chance that didn't work out so we split officially in January of this year. I recently saw his facebook where he has a photo of him picking up his new girlfriend in front of the chicago skyline and his cover photo is of her of course.
I asked him about it and he said they began their relationship in late February of this year, just TWO MONTHS after we ended our 7.5 year relationship!!

They are still together now and he makes it seem like he's so in love with her, and has said she wants to meet me and our daughter. He even told me he can see himself marrying this girl he's known less than a year! How could you want to marry someone who doesn't even know your daughter?
My daughter does not want to meet this girl either, and my ex says it is fine and he will never force our daughter to meet or even like his new girlfriend.
How can he even love her if he doesn't care if our daughter liker her?

When we've argued on the phone he yells at me and gets angry and tells me to move on because he did. (I haven't dated at all since our split)
Before I knew he had a girlfriend like 3 months back he was calling ME and texting ME when he was having anxiety attacks. Now I realize, if he's so serious about it shouldn't he be looking to her for emotional support, or maybe he makes it more than what it is with her?
I took a long time to grieve losing him because we were so close, and we never resolved the issues that led to the end of our relationship. We cannot have a civil conversation about that to this day. I'm broken hearted because I feel that since he didn't grieve over our long time together, he's just trying to distract himself with this new girl. He took her to NYC when he never took me anywhere.

He seems to resent me still for past relationship problems and gets angry easily Is there a chance he isn't really over me?
He found a rebound so quick, does he still love me?
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